Dream a Big Dream of Far Away Places.

There's so much to see in this world and it's better on a motorcycle. Dare to dream a Big Dream. Go Out There. See it and feel it for yourself.





There are so many places to see, so many roads to ride. So many of them are hidden off the beaten path. In part this is why I built this site. I missed so much along the way that I wish I had not.




Then Ride There




This Road Calls My Name

Artists Drive, Death Valley, CA. From my 2010 ride through CA, NV, NM, and AZ.



Connie Jakubcin

Nova Scotia ride

Rode the Cabot Trail in late October 2013. There was no one there, and the weather was just fine. Still some color to see, too.



This is slowly evolving into a site for motorcycle travelers.

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Recent blog articles:
  • This is a guest post by Robert Argento. On most Tuesday nights, I meet Robert over a glass of wine and we talk about subjects ranging from economics to philosophy and many topics in between. Often these conversations get related to motorcycling. This is his first post on M-BY-M.  For more of Robert's writing see h ... Read More
  • Colin Busch is a dangerous man. His words, imbued with a relentless optimism and bounding energy, somehow wend their way deep into your subconscious past your best defenses, the hell hounds named "I can't", "I shouldn't" and "What If", to enter that space where old dreams long forgotten slumber undisturbed under layers ... Read More
  • I get a ridiculous number of "corporate" guest blog requests. What these guys do, under contract with some vendor they never seem to want to disclose, is write generic motorcycle content. The catch is they want to include a link to said vendor despite the fact the vendor is so rarely in any way related to the content o ... Read More
  • Over the summer I had written a road report about my last trip to Deal's Gap. In that report, I described a few things I had figured out about how to convey the feel of cornering to someone else. Chris at RevZilla noticed the article and put a link to it on the RevZilla Facebook page with a complimentary introduction. ... Read More
  • Duncan and I headed up to New York City to attend the 2013 Progressive International Motorcycle Show. Here is his event report.Last Saturday, we headed up to New York City for the International Motorcycle Show, on the annual Bob's BMW charter trip.  First off, kudos to Bob's for doing such an ... Read More
  • My bike is a '92 K100RS which I have owned since new. It's built like a tank and has served me well over the two decades I've owned it.  In recent years, there have been some age related issues that have come up so I have finally gotten to turn some wrenches on it.  Prior to that, I just rode the thing. Int ... Read More
  • This is a guest post by member Mike Leggieri. (a.k.a. mjlfjr) Mike is a retired Army officer who now serves as a medical research director for the Department of Defense. He’s an avid motorcyclist who loves long-distance riding. Mike lives in Frederick, MD. Preface I wrote this art ... Read More
  • There are always things to be afraid of. I remember the man from Buenos Aires that I met in Fairbanks. With honest fear in his voice, he had warned me, like so many others have, never to travel through Central or South America. "Don't do it! Buenos Aires and much of South America is just terrible. Terrible! If you are ... Read More
  • Many years ago, I had a recurring dream. I stood alone next to my motorcycle on a desert slope that descended into a great flat valley with tufts of green grass dotting a brown landscape bounded by mountains on either side. The road, shimmering in the distance from the heat, descended to disappear in the expanding flat ... Read More
  • What you are able to lift today is largely due to what you have purposely lifted repeatedly before. How far/fast/well you can ride is largely dependent upon how much you have ridden before. Try to go fast on your first ride out and you are almost guaranteed to crash in the first corner. Lacking the relevant experie ... Read More
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