I am remiss. Too tired to write, I've opted to do something insufficient rather than do nothing at all. The last two days of slow twisty Virginia and West Virginia roads have simply been fantastic. Unfortunately, my GPS has failed so I have no tracks to share.

I joked with my traveling companion, John St John who rode down from New Hampshire to join me on the trip across, that we should just spend the new few weeks exploring West Virginia. The roads here are that good.

Roads of note: Smoke Hole Road. WV Route 250. (Banked twisty awesomeness). Route 219, 20, 60, 41.

We've ridden over 500 miles ot travel 300 and taken two days to do it. It's been cool but not too cold. Sunshine.

John bought a 2007 BMW K1200GT for this trip. It's a beast. I felt bad as he rode through a non-trivial cold torrential downpour to make it here on time. His First Gear suit was not entirely waterproof, I'm sorry to report.

We left promptly some time before mid day to ride some hundred of yards on an epic journey to the College Park DIner.


As many know, I had to do a bit of work on the rear half of my bike in that I had to replace it. I bolted it all back together just this last Saturday. I kept being amazed that nothing had broken. Unfortunately, and completely unrelated, my GPS has failed. We stopped at a Radio Shack to get a multi-tester.


This is old route 55 in West Virginia under New Route 55. This is a seriously impressive bridge.


I walked around and found the largest paper wasps nest I've seen in decades.


Travelling with John has been great. He had not been to Seneca Rocks in some decades and wanted to go. "Oh, that's Smoke Hole Road. It rocks." I said. "Let's go." he replied. "But I thought you wanted to go to Seneca Rocks. "It was just a destination to get us here." he said.

John is surprisingly flexible. We've found some incredible roads as a result. I keep saying that I'm going to do a multi-day West Virginia tour. I will.


On the first night, being very hard core motorcycle campers, once the temperature dropped below 45, we stopped in at the Highlnad Inn. This place was fantastic.



I took too few photos. The countryside and vistas were stunning. West Virginia is beautiful.


There's all kinds of craziness to see here.


Ragnarok picnic table. Steel re-inforced 5x8 beams. When your picnic table absolutely needs to be the last thing standing.


Lunch on the second day.


Not happy. Really not happy. Have I mentioned how very not happy I was at this particular moment? This was wasp #2. John dispatched the first one. Pathetically all I managed to do was piss this one off.


Logging trucks were a constant fixture. This was a good corner.


As I mentioned to some, the rear half of my motorcycle was broken. I am still amazed that it works. After 600 miles I had to change the final drive and transmission oil. This was was done in a comfort inn parking lot. (Because we are hard core motorcycle campers.) Being very responsible I'm carrying the used liter of oil to a recycling center.


When traveling with someone else I find it really difficult to find time to write. There were so many thoughts, feelings and insights to share. Too many stories to tell. But because I am exhausted this is all I have in me to share right now. I hope to write more later in this little trip of mine.

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