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    7 years ago
    Hey All,

    Newbie, here, so go easy on me, lol.
    Do you plan trips? If so what else do you use other than the map option here on this site? Just curious.
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    7 years ago
    To get ideas, I'll post to the Facebook MOA group or ADVRider or similar places. Then I use the maps here to record all the recommendations and who made them. It makes for a good reference.

    I also ask everyone I know. So where are you planning on going for your next trip?
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    7 years ago

    Thanks for creating this site, first off.

    I have been planning and doing motorcycle trips for years, and used Microsoft's Streets and Trips. I will even plan some day/weekend trips. Looking forward to building some routes on here, and letting you know my thoughts.

    Just got back from a trip from Lafayette, IN to Mineral Wells, WV for Cruiser Club, USA's National Gathering - I'm a member and national officer. Next year the gathering is in Lake George, NY, so looking forward to it!
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