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    7 years ago
    I am in the process of getting the 1997 Honda VFR750f back in shape after pitching it in November of 2012 (Yermo will be sure to tell you all about it if you ask him).

    I finally managed to find a replacement lower for it, the same part number, and paint color, but the decal is different.

    After closer inspection of it, and other Hondas that I have, it seems that the decals are just put on on top of the clear coat.  I figured I would have to have it repainted.

    However, I was thinking I would just remove the existing decal and then apply the correct one.

    So the questions are:

    1)  How should I go about removing the existing decal without damaging the paint on the new piece of bodywork?  I was thinking about using a heat gun on a moderate setting to warm it up and then peel it off.

    2)  Once I remove it, what is the best way to clean and prep the surface for the new decal without damaging the clear coating?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    7 years ago
    I don't know if he's still monitoring this forum, but Yun Lung Yang is a master at surfaces, paints, and adhesives.
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    7 years ago
    I would try a heat gun to soften the decal. It should be easily removed after heating. JMHO
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