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    7 years ago
    buffalo and I went on a 180 mile loop ride crossing Whites Ferry near Poolesville, Maryland to explore reported gravel country roads North of Lessburg, Va and South of Frederick Maryland. We found quite an abundance of tree covered hilly well maintained roads. I suspect if we travel further West we'll find more challenging roads but it was a very good riding day.
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    7 years ago

    August 2015 Northern Virginia/Maryland Gravel Roads Ride

    buffalo (Duncan), who helps me run Miles by Motorcycle, and I took our #dr650se's out across White's Ferry near Poolesville, Maryland to go in search of gravel roads to ride in the area North of Leesburg, Va and South of Frederick, Maryland. We were surprised at the number of tree covered gravel country roads there are in this area. Some went up into the hills and had some nice elevation changes. All were tame and easily traversed by car but it was a beautiful ride nonetheless. Is suspect there are more challenging roads hiding in the hills to the West.

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    7 years ago
    It was an excellent ride and very much unlike the excellent ride the week prior. I look forward to finding even more roads like those we found yesterday
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