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    7 years ago
    isurfne and I did a very wet 300 mile loop out to Western Maryland. 

    We should have been on #dr650se's instead of sport touring bikes. There are many gravel, dirt, and mud roads out that way.

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    7 years ago

    2015 Very Wet Western Maryland West Virginia Fall Ride with Joel

    Joel and his father John came down to Maryland from New Hampshire. While John was in class, Joel and I took a little ride out to Western Maryland despite the weather forecast. The early part of the day was entertaining. We ended up on Harpers Ferry Road which is this bouncy hilly twisty little fun road where the crests are so narrow you're likely to catch air if you're not careful. We found our way to Berkeley Springs for lunch at which point the rain started, more of a drizzle really. We followed Route 9 for quite some time trying various dead end side roads. We eventually found our way to Bear Hill Road which was quite nice but at this point it had started to rain consistently. As the sun went down into a soggy horizon we opted to super slab it back. 

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