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    6 years ago
    I've been doing a lot of commuting on the bike and unfortunately it is headed due east in the morning and due west in the evening.

    I've put two strips of black electrical tape just under the brow vents on my Arai Quantum II, but that is admittedly a bit cheesy.

    I've been using the smoked shield, however, it is starting to get dark by the time I am heading home and even though I can still see decently with it . . . it is probably a much better idea to have a clear visor when the sun goes down.

    Does anyone have an experience with the Pro Shade System?
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    6 years ago

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    6 years ago
    I've never used one of these. I just keep a set of shaded safety glasses on the bike. I wear them until it gets dark. Admittedly low tech, but for me it works.
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    6 years ago
    Yeah, that would be a good option, but since I pretty much stopped wearing contacts and just wear my glasses now, I can't go down that road.

    Might be a better idea to just get myself a nice pair of prescription shades though.  Although probably much more expensive than the face shield I could certainly get more use out of the shades.

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    6 years ago
    This looks like a very interesting option--and might bear testing out. One of the things that drives me nuts on certain days is going from bright sunny open roads to deeply shaded roads through woods and then back to sun. Stopping every 10 minutes to take glasses on and off is a PITA, so often I wind up leaving the sun glasses on when I'd prefer not to.
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    4 years ago
    I’ve been using the Arai ProShade since Arai first introduced it about 3 years ago, on all of my street rides and track days.
    In my experience the system works very well, is durable and easy to deploy. Wheel in the raised position, it doesn’t cause noise or buffeting.
    Downsides: pretty expensive.
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