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    5 years ago
    I heard from user Justus about a problem with Ducati fuel tank internals and thought I'd reply here in case others are interested.

    There is a nut that attaches the fuel sensor to the tank and the stock piece is plastic and prone to breaking.  I replaced the nut on my bike with one from California Cycleworks.
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    5 years ago

    Ca Cycleworks Replacement Nut for Fuel Sender | ca-cycleworks.com

    This aluminum fuel sender nut sits at the top of the sender unit. Note: You will need to remove the pins from the electrical connector on the sender unit to install the nut.

    It says it's for pre-2003 Ducatis, so you may have to look elsewhere if your bike is newer.
    As for the minorly exposed wire, it's still like that in the tank.  I never did anything to it.  So far, so good after five years and thousands of miles.

    The low fuel light works, but I don't put much faith in it.  Not sure if that was related to the broken wire problem or not.  Because the Monster gets good gas mileage and my riding companions always have to fill up long before I'm low, I haven't tested it much.  In any event, I go by the trip meter.
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    5 years ago
    Justus also mentioned blinkers.  I had to replace one and ordered it from the nearest Ducati shop.  It wasn't as expensive as I was afraid it would be.  In fact, the other rear blinker has a crack now and I'm planning on replacing it before my next road trip.
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    5 years ago
    Cool. Thanks for this.
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    5 years ago
    FYI, the thread where we discussed my fuel pump issues is here:
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