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    21 days ago
    Finally got myself a DR!
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    I'm getting it ready for inspection now.  As well as sourcing the set of must-have parts.  It came with a set of brand new Shinko E700s which I was initially going to sell and get a set of Pirelli MT21, but then I thought that I might as well just use what I have and spend that $250 on other parts.
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    21 days ago

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    Here's the list of parts I'm planning on.  Please comment/critique/make suggestions.

    - Volt meter
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    21 days ago

    SUPER SLIM STYLE | Volt Meter - red - KOSO North America

    Our Super Slim Style Volt Meter is equipped with a warning function to help you monitor the voltage. Available in red or blue digits.


    - PDU:  I have one of these on my VFR.  They are AWESOME!(seems to be a good price here): https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/parts/rowe-electroni...

    - Center stand: The T-Rex is a lot cheaper than the SW-Motech and looks lighter.  Any reason not to get this one?
    - Heated grips (have to check the length, but something like these with an integrated switch)
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    21 days ago

    APOLLO | Heated Grips | Universal Fit - 120mm - KOSO North America

    Our Apollo heated grips are designed with an integrated adjustable thumb switch, which allows them to easily fit on any kind of motorcycles on the market.

    - Skid plate
    - Case Covers
    - Oil Cooler Guard
    - Since the plan is to put heated grips and connect a vest to it should I just go right ahead and do the stator and regulator/rectifier?
    - What's the minimal set of trail riding tools that I should have?  I know that I need to have spare tubes and a set of spoons to change a tube on the trail.  What else should I get?

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    21 days ago
    I carry essential tools in a PVC tool tube I built with hardware store parts and a spare 21" tube and spoons in a fender bag. To get the wheel of the ground I carry 20 feet of rope and use the sidestand as a pivot. Also added a dash plate to mount light switches and USB outlets with volt meter.
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    21 days ago
    I’ve ridden with friend who ride a dr650. It’s a super durable tank! Good luck with it!

    I use mt-21’s on my 690 and when you’re finally ready, I’d recommend them if you do 70+% off-road on this bike. I rode the WYBDR on mt-21’s, rode back to the start on pavement in 100 degree heat, and have tread left for another 1,000 miles of riding. That’s about 3k total miles of often rugged riding. 
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    21 days ago
    Robermcm, thanks for the feedback.  Yeah, I'm totally psyched about it.

    I've done a bunch of reading and there are many suggestions to go with 20/80 tires if you want to ride in the dirt.  The only times I'm gonna be on pavement is when getting to dirt riding so I think that skew will work well.  If it doesn't, I can always got with another set.

    Thanks for the feedback on the MT-21s.  I figure once I chew through the Shinkos I'll go with them, but I've got a brand new set sitting here so might as well use 'em
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    21 days ago
    I have the SW-Motech center stand on my bike. It's been the only piece that actually fit perfectly. 

    I wired a BMW accessory plug so I could plug in my vest. I would replace the headlight with an LED one. That frees up a bunch of power. I bought the upgraded alternator but never installed it. 

    I like the voltmeter. The bar graph one i have on my bike just isn't accurate enough. 

    Per Dave'd suggestion, getting a larger PVC tool carrier is kind of essential. 

    For what it's worth I'm super happy with the Mission Trail-X tires I have on my bike. We spend so much time on pavement getting to dirt that having aggressive off-road tires tends to be more of a liability than a help.
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    20 days ago
    Yermo, so you are still running stock alternator and rectifier?  Did you replace your headlight with an LED one?  If so, which one?

    That's the same voltmeter I have on the VFR; works like a charm.  Also the same PDU.  I'll fabricate a bracket for it and mount it above the ECU.

    Yeah, I'll need to make some bigger tool carrier too.  Good idea.

    As far as tires go, I'm just going to go with the Shinkos that I have for now and figure out what to put on when I wear these out.
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