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    5 years ago
    I use a spot tracker:

    Link #53096
    5 years ago SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger - Orange: Cell Phones & Accessories SPOT 3 Satellite GPS Messenger - Orange: Cell Phones & Accessories

    What trackers do you use, if any? What do you like or dislike? 
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    Link #53102 DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Tracker: Cell Phones & Accessories

    Buy DeLorme inReach SE Satellite Tracker: Handheld GPS Units - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases
    I use this one. Honestly I never look at it online, but my wife has the link to the page on her computer and watches me when I'm out. She likes knowing how close I am when I'm coming home.
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    5 years ago
    Delorme inReach SE.  Garmin bought them a few years ago, but it seems they've got a massive stockpile of the old Delorme-branded devices for half what the new Garmin ones go for.  $10 cheaper at gpscity than Amazon: 
    Link #53183
    5 years ago

    GPSCity: DeLorme inReach SE

    Rated 4.6/5. Low prices, reviews, videos and more for the DeLorme inReach SE, a DeLorme Tracking GPS item.

    The inReach gives you two-way messaging, as well as the ability to actually write out messages (as opposed to the Spot, which is just a couple of buttons for preset messages).  If you don't need the live tracking and are willing to pay for each message sent (ie. it's mainly for getting rescued in an emergency) then the $12/mo plan ("Safety") is pretty reasonable.  This week I committed to the $25/mo plan ("Recreation") with an annual contract which allows for unlimited tracking (viewable online) and sending preset messages.  You can also pay more per month and have the ability to suspend the service when you're not using it, but the break-even point is about 8 months.
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    5 years ago
    I've had my Spot Gen3 for several years now and have been very pleased.
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    5 years ago
    I don't know if it's the same thing as what y'all are trying to do with these trackers but I use an app called Ulysses off of Google Play the free versions great but the paid version is even better it'll tractor rides give you lunch food latitude coordinates it will show you which roads you've taken best route to take back it has a GPS speedometer 0 to 60 and an accelerometer for checking your performance and turns and all that good stuff and I quite like it and I went and bought a cell phone holder from the bicycle section of Walmart to hold my phone to run the application.

     but if anybody mines letting me ask I'm sorry but what exactly is the trackers for other than having a replay of your ride?

     and by the way the Ulysses app off of Google Play lets you track everything and anything you want including a binding app that uses Google Maps or navigation on any Android phone
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    5 years ago
    I use a Android app 
    Real-Time GPS tracker 2.

    Basically just to keep friends/relatives/Wife advised as to my location when I'm off on a solo ride. Has a lot of good functions and it's free. I turn it on, send the info to whomever I want to see the track, and put the phone in the tour pak. Works great.
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    5 years ago
    thomasbrakel, how well does it handle intermittent cell service? 
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    5 years ago
    I travel from KS to TX pretty often and I know there are dead spots across OK, but the map always seems to show my correct location. There are numerous settings to modify how often it sends data under various situations. I've never noticed any problems with it. There are some premium features available in app, but I just use the basic free version.
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    5 years ago
    I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the pointer!
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