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    5 years ago
    Article outlining some current legal issues facing track days / track owners:
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    5 years ago

    Could this lawsuit affect track days and club racing?

    Save up to 50% off select closeouts during our March Moto Madness sale. Happening now until the end of March! Track-day organizers are watching a California lawsuit with some trepidation. The crash was caught on video. How would you vote if you were on a jury?
    See some culpability on both sides of the lawsuit.  The sandbag certainly didn't elp but Mr. Kim failed to complete what looks to be a fairly routine turn...and he did sign a waiver.
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    5 years ago
    This has been making the rounds. I don't have a sense of how serious this is aside from what is in the article.
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    I'd certainly hope this goes nowhere.
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    5 years ago
    Hopefully it's another instance of a typical litigious jerk who wants to hold everyone else but himself responsible for his own ineptitude and the judge sees that for what it is.

    Checked the "story" page on his company website where he's making an effort to try the case a la his "story" timeline.  Apparently he has a history of questionable behavior whne it comes to things mechanical...story page also has an entry where he was crushed when a stand collapsed while he was welding under a 500 lbs vehicle frame.  Not all that great of a weight if one has half a brain and makes proper use of jackstands.  Wonder if he sued the milk crate company or whatever he was using for stands after that episode?
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    5 years ago
    As you say, hopefully this goes nowhere. In the video, it sure looks like he just failed to execute the turn properly...
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