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    5 years ago
    I have a 1996 Suzuki Bandit 600s and it calls for a 150 70 17 Z rated Tire on the rear it has currently a 140 70 17 on the rear which is too narrow and I can tell that I'm really pushing the limit of that tire being a cheap Kenda as it is but I've been looking at a tire called full bore M1 it's a radial tire that is Z rated seems to have good reviews but I would really like to go up to at least to 160 size tire since it calls for a 150 and there's plenty of room it seems to me that a 160 would be okay also but if anybody could please let me know if a 160 size rear on the back of a bandit 600 would work please let me know I love that fat wide Street Tire look but I'm about to order one and I really need it suggestion quick

     so going from a 150 70 to a 160 70 should be appropriate correct?

     as it is now in the corners I'm chewing with sidewall off the tire because I'm way past any chicken strips and I would like to get more out of cornering so a wider Sharper Edge rounded Tire would be perfect in my opinion so please anybody have any input at all on going from a 150 to a 160 let me know I also want to know if I'm going from a 150 72 a 160 should it be a 160 60 or stick with the 70 but I found the full bore M1 tire for about 80 bucks shipped and it has high reviews and has a very pretty tree of a tread on it so please guys anything you can let me know I would be greatly appreciative
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    5 years ago
    Unless I can't get the stock size for whatever reason, I always go with the recommended size on tires. Going with a different than recommended size always has an effect on handling.
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    5 years ago
    just wondering cuz the 140 thats on it kinda squirrely.... I have NO "chicken strips"... Just a chewed up sidewall. Of course a 150 is what i actually calls for.
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    5 years ago
    also, the "sportbike type" tires only seem to start at 160.... The 150 class is more cruiser tires....
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    5 years ago
    Sport tires are nice and sticky, but they have a very short life--maybe 2500-3000 miles, which isn't much considering what tires cost. You might instead consider a sport touring tire such as a Michelin Pilot Road 3 for example.

    It's dual compound, so long wearing in the center of the tread for good tire life but sticky toward the shoulder of the tire for really good grip when you're leaned over in a turn.

    And really, having moved from sport tires to the Pilot Road 3, I can tell you from direct experience that you aren't giving up much traction for a lot more tire life. I've gotten in the neighborhood of 10k miles from a set.

    And to Yermo's point above, there are plenty of good tires available in the stock sizes for your bike, I'd suggest starting out with those first before changing tire sizes which will affect handling, possibly in undesirable ways.
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