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    2 years ago
    96 Suzuki Bandit 600s with a previously mixed matched set of tires front being a conti- motion Continental..
    the rear was it Kenda unknown make which was two sizes too small anyway.
     after about a hundred miles of easier riding to make sure there was no coating left on the tire I started to push it a little bit in some corners and some local excellent paved Road very popular with the motorcyclists around here and I have to say I've been impressed with the way my Bandit handles but it's like an entirely new bike.

     I'm so impressed with this new M3 that I am currently in search of a matching front and quite possibly another set for when these wear out while they're still available however if the new M series is half the tire at the M3 is it'll be incredible and itself..
     so for starters after the break-in. They remove the outer coating that possibly could cause traction issues as Yermo in another post to me. 
     I started to push it a little bit on back Mountain Roads that were dry and well paved inspired confidence it with extremely high traction allowing me to push the bike harder than I ever have yet feel far more confident and felt more connected to the road than ever before as I got higher up in elevation in the Blue Ridge Parkway the mountain roads become damp from high-elevation fog and the road and air became very very cold dropping down in the forties still with amazing and impressive traction it made such an impression that I'm currently looking for a matching front before I put many miles on this rear and an extra set for the future.

     with a note I did change the geometry of the tire as I went from a cruiser style 140 70 to a more race profile 160 60 skipping over the factory recommendation of 150 70 I don't think that it was a bad choice whatsoever as the handling is so much better than ever before.
     instead of feeling like I have to push the bike into a corner it feels like it wants to go into the corner I just tell it when to stop the ride was so much smoother as well and even though I got so close to the ground and some Corners that I could touch the ground that it felt so very connected that it didn't worry me a bit and what gets me is that upon inspecting and tire after my ride I didn't even get close to the edge of the tire but that's probably got more to do with the geometry than anything so there's a lot more potential left that I'm capable of pushing at it at the time but as my confidence Rises I'll follow up with a better review in the future
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    2 years ago
    Yes, the M3 is an impressively sticky tire, as is the M5 follow on model--my K13 came with M3s as original equipment.

    My only complaint about them was tire life--I never got more than about 2500 miles out of a set of either the M3 or M5s.

    Ultimately, while I like the traction of the M series, the Michelin Pilot Road 3s and 4s have done much better for me mileage wise without sacrificing much traction--I've been getting 8-10k out of the Pilot Roads.
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