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    2 years ago
    hey y'all Mike here been a little bit since I've been on but I have 2 Cracked rubber boots that go to the intake manifold on the head of my 600 Bandit the carburetors mount to the boots the boots mount to the bike motor and underneath those rubber boots are these ring-like gaskets is it possible to reuse these or should I go ahead and buy new ones before I even try starting any info on Switching These Boots would be greatly appreciated should I use sealer or something like that maybe but if I can I would like to reuse those gasket Rings if I can because I don't have the money really to spend on them and that's half the reason I'm doing the work myself because I can't afford somebody else to do it
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    2 years ago
    by the way I kind of miss worded that last post the boots that the carburetors Mount to that go to the motor actually are the intake manifolds technically but they have like I guess a copper round ring that goes underneath them that bolt straight to the Head
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    2 years ago
    It sounds like the part you're asking about is part 22 in this diagram.
    Do you absolutely need to replace it? I guess that depends on what condition it's in. Carefully inspect it and if it doesn't look worn, maybe you can use it again. If you choose to re-use it, make sure you test for vacuum leaks after putting it all back together, and repeat the test at a regular interval (perhaps when you're doing chain maintenance or oil changes).

    Then again, the advice I've heard from Yermo again and again is, "if there's any doubt; there isn't any." Or, if you're not sure if you need to replace it, it means you need to replace it. Luckily the part is only $2.49 at Partzilla.

    See also this manual, which recommends replacing the o-ring as well. https://www.carlsalter.com/mcpdf/Suzuki_GSF600_95-99.pdf 

    Think about it, if those boots are old and cracked and need to be replaced, when was the last time you think the o-ring was replaced? How old and worn out must it be? Even if you make it work this time,  you're probably just buying yourself a little bit of time before you have to do the work all over again to replace a leaking o-ring. Better to just get it over with now and not have to worry about it again.

    When I got my Bandit, we spent a few months going over it and I think we replaced every piece of rubber on the bike. It was all old and deteriorating.
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    2 years ago
    well i didnt know they were that cheap... Ill just toss the old ones in a spare parts box.... Every time i take something apart..,theres extra parts...its like everything i touch is made by ikea. Hmm
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    2 years ago
    I've had my Bandit for almost 5 years, and put over 23,000 miles on it. I've ridden it year round for the past three years, taken it from DC out to Minneapolis and back, then down to Tennessee and back and most recently out to Cleveland. It's been into the woods, well off the pavement, on several camping trips, ridden through rain and a couple thunderstorms, and it's been dropped more than once.

    It's still running.

    On one of the first trips I went down on some gravel in the mountains of West Virginia and punched a hole the size of dime in the starter cover. It bled all it's engine oil and filled up with some grit and dirt. We made a road-side repair with some quick-steel and that repair held solid for another 10,000 miles. It probably would have kept holding on forever, but I replaced the cover for aesthetics (I kept the old one to mount on my wall.)

    These bikes are basically bullet proof. 
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    2 years ago
    It's almost been 5 years?? Damn. 
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