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    3 years ago
    Airheads,Secret K Society members,A.M.A. district 37 (California), ,A.M.R.R.A. racers's  (for you old guyz , thats with TWO   'R's ' ), BMWRA members . P.R.R.O. racers, X- military .Poverty Riders ,and to the LEAST extent members of ' MOA :
     GREETINGS  from Redd Gardner 
    This is my 1st posting on Yermo's place .
    I want to pass along  info on a device that has served me well  and quite possibly has saved my life ,but most important has allowed me to sleep well at night while at home and on the road .
     From Harbor Freight you can buy for around $ 12 a motion sensing alarm..This 'lil device  will pick up any intruders to your camp site and emit a loud series of beeps when anything within its range enter  ' The Zone ' .
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    3 years ago
    Is this it?

    Link #59837
    3 years ago

    Wireless Driveway Alert & Driveway Alarm System

    Amazing deals on this Wireless Security Alert System at Harbor Freight. Quality tools & low prices.

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    3 years ago
    Hey, Redd. Welcome to the site!
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    3 years ago
    Yermo, sorry for the belayed reply .YES this is it ...I have used mine in the forests of Jamaica, the inner city ,and in the mountains of Appalachia WEEl worth the weight and space to carry .
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