Honda Pacific Coast (PC800) Links And Info

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    24 days ago
    OK, so I'll admit it publicly, I'm one of those odd souls that has been interested in the Honda Pacific Coast since it came out. Maybe it's the modern take on 30's "Aero" styling, or maybe it's because it's such an odd duck of a bike.

    While yet again considering buying one of these bikes, I ran across the web page of a guy who seems to be a pretty serious fan, so am posting it for general informational purposes here.
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    22 days ago
    OK, I admit that I've always thought they are pretty interesting too.

    Certainly a motorcycle that only a true pragmatist and/or Engineer would be interested in. 

    Probably a lot like a K bike (dig, dig)
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    15 days ago
    Duncan!  Does Ann know about this?  Does the PC have an engine?  (where is it?)  

    I will refrain from passing judgment for now.  Let me take yours for a ride after you get it and then we'll see.  Are there any still out there to be had?
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    15 days ago
    Yeah, I've always found oddball bikes kind of interesting to be honest 🙂
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    15 days ago
    Surprisingly, there seem to be a fair number out there still with asking prices approaching $4k for the nicer examples. Yermo and I looked at a basket case recently which I (amazingly) elected to pass on.  😉 Obviously you're welcome to take it for a ride if I can locate one worth buying.
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