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    2 years ago
    Planning will soon begin for our 2019 bike trip, which will include a 7 day loop, mostly through Colorado, with maybe the Four Corners area and a bit of Utah.  There's lots of info online, but if anyone here has any particular must-do roads or places to stay that they'd like to share, I'm all ears.

    See, in order to get farther afield from our home base of Victoria, British Columbia, we're planning on trailering the bikes to Utah or western Colorado and doing a loop from that point, whatever that ends up being. We almost always ride in the states, so we're pretty familiar with what's in an 800 mile radius of Victoria.  Time to go a little farther.

    Oh yeah, happy new year, everybody!
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    All pavement or some unpaved?
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    2 years ago
    Happy New year indeed ?

    Any idea of what your date window is yet, or are you still too early in the planning process for that?
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    2 years ago
    Just pavement.  The group includes a few VFRs and my Ducati Monster.

    We'll be there the first week of July.  buffalo will you guys be in that area in late May?

    So I met with the guys yesterday and the general consensus is now to ride around the Four Corners area - hitting Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, and Utah - as opposed to spending the whole time in Colorado.  That changes things quite a bit, of course, but still, if you have any particular recommendations, feel free to share.
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    2 years ago
    Sorry for the late reply. buffalobruce, and I are planning a 10 day or so ride in roughly the same area but scheduling has yet to be determined. The thought would be for me to trailer the two K bikes out to Bruces. Buffalo would fly in and then we would ride for 10 days and then I'd trailer the bikes back. (maybe taking an extra week to ride further West. Not sure yet.)
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    2 years ago
    I've put together a placeholder ride. Maybe there's a chance we can all meet up. (Probably unlikely but I figure I'd put it out there just in case.)

    The dates I've added are just a placeholder until we get closer to know everyone's schedule.

    Ride #66383
    2 years ago

    Late Spring Early Summer New Mexico Colorado Ride

    Buffalo, Bruce, and I are planning on a 10 day or so ride through New Mexico and surrounding areas sometime this coming Spring or early Summer. Riding the "Alien Loop" has been mentioned.

    As of this writing it's still up in the air but the general idea is that I would trailer the two K bikes out to meet up with Bruce. Buffalo would fly in. We would ride for 10, maybe 14 days, Buffalo would fly back and then I would trailer the bikes back. I may take an extra week and ride further West. It's still not set in stone.
    This would be a street ride on street bikes.
    The listed dates are just placeholders until we get closer and know what everyone's schedule is.

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    I post4ed the info and reports from our Colorado visits this year. I highly recommend you look at:
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    2 years ago
    Nice!  Looks like this would do just fine.  It's helpful to see the photos and commentary along with the map.  Thanks for sharing! 
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