Reconditioning Bosch (a.k.a. BMW) Fuel Injectors?

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    last month
    So I'm starting to get up the gumption to tackle the big #k100rs project. As part of that, buffalo suggested having the fuel injectors serviced. In the K bike group on Facebook today someone posted a link to these guys:

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    last month

    Mr Injector - Home

    Mr Injector services gasoline fuel injectors using the ASNU ultrasonic fuel injector flow bench and service machine. We offer fuel injector flow testing, cleaning and reconditioning.
    Have any of you had injectors serviced? Who do you use?
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    last month
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    last month
    Some more info on this topic. I think when I pull the throttle bodies out during the upcoming engine swap I'll have them reconditioned:

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    last month

    K Bike Fuel Injectors

    A description of k bike fuel injector reconditioning.
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    12 days ago
    I've filled out the service form for Mr. Injector and will be sending them my injectors tomorrow. They claim a two day turn around.
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    I sent off the injectors to Mr. Injector. The process couldn’t have been easier.

    Fill out their form. Ship your injectors and their form to them. They turn it around on short order, two days in my case.

    It turns out only one injector was found to be in “fair” instead of “good” condition.

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