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    3 years ago
    I've been taking a short break from app development and made a pass through some long standing issues on the site. 

    Updates include:

    - private messaging was broken and should now be working.
    - members can now comment on other members posts, not just posts in the public group
    - photos uploads now allow you to select whether or not you'd like to include geolocation information (so you can search for photos by area)
    - you can select to remove geolocation information from any of your photos
    - photos with geolocation information now include a map marker icon so you can immediately see where the photo was taken. 

    For example if you click on the map marker icon next to the word Photo below you can see where this photo was taken: 

    The other icon, the bookmark, let's you save this spot to your own plans. That feature and the map explorer still need some work, so more on that later once I make some much needed improvements.
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    3 years ago
    I made another round of site updates. 

    For those of you who would like to link to items in your profiles here from the outside world (twitter, Facebook, etc), you can now set your accounts to "public" by clicking in the gear icon in the upper right and selecting Privacy.

    There are only three privacy levels right now:

    public - basically your profile is like a public web page the world can see.
    members only - your profile can only be seen by logged in users on the site.
    private - only you can see your profile (and we few who run the site).

    The plan is to implement a "friends" privacy level at some point in hopefully the not too distant future and to add privacy controls to individual posts ... so that if you wanted to share a map out to the world you won't have to set your whole profile to public to do it. 
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