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    Has anyone ridden this private trail park? I once took my DR650SE down to the Wicomico Motorsports Park and their loop trail through the woods was some of the most challenging riding I've attempted on my large DR ... it was too much ... so I'm concerned that this park might be similar. 

    NikJames mentioned it to me. Of course there's also Taskers Gap which isn't quite as nuts as Wicomico but is a lot of rock garden.

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    last month

    The Cove Campground

    The Cove is a family owned private campgound for the true outdoor enthusiast.
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    Is there a fee?
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    last month
    It looks like it's $30 per person per day. 

    I scared myself pretty good at the other park down in Southern Maryland so I'd be loathe to ride something described as an ATV trail on my DR. 

    The other OHV area, also fee based, is called Taskers Gap and has quite a few miles of trails with quite a bit of rock garden but some of it is quite fun. 

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    5 years ago

    Taskers Gap Trip

    Per request, the track of our offroad trip earlier this year.

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