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    5 days ago

    I like the fact you are using openstreetmaps, and I can build and share routes.  I have been following an ADVRider thread about a mil spec phone to use as a GPS, along with Osmand, which also uses openstreetmaps.  Bought the phone off Swappa for $74 and now I have a route builder, I hope to have no compatibility problems with routing using different maps.

    Please understand that I'm new to this GPS routing stuff, so might not be correct in my above statement.

    This site also saves from having to use google maps, and then put it through a website to get a GPX.  So I'm looking forward to collecting some great rides and also contributing.

    All the best.
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    5 days ago
    Let me also add that I have already made my first route.  If you are interested in riding beautiful scenery and some curves, head to AR and here is a nice 60mile hour twenty loop.
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    5 days ago
    Excellent. Thank you! And welcome.

    I'm actively developing the site. I wrote all the software here and am working on an off-line mobile app (where you can download the Openstreet map data on your phone and see your routes even if there's no cell service). It's coming along but it's all taking so much longer than I ever imagined.

    If for whatever reason the GPX files that you export from here don't work on whatever device, please let me know. I wrote that code as well and if it doesn't work I can most likely fix it so that it does. 

    Thanks for the route!

    The next time I'm in AR I'll check out your route. I've tagged it (for myself) with Route_to_Scout so I'll remember (because it'll be a while before I'm out that way again.)
    Unable to embed shared object. Sharing permissions error?If you want to share a link to the map off site, for the moment you'll need to make your profile public (gear icon on the upper right -> privacy). I haven't built the per-map privacy stuff yet. Also, every time you save a map, it generates an image of the map which you can download and post where-ever. (Shareable Map Image link under the map).

    Actually, it's awesome that you're new to this. That helps me.

    You are correct that there can be some compatibility issues because different route engines might lay a route out based on different rules. The trick is to zoom in all the way and place your way point markers carefully and add one or two on a given road to force the route engine to select a certain path. Here's some more information:

    last year
    Blog Article (45326)

    On Navigation: Coordinates, Tracks, Routes, and GPX Files.

    As I continue to make progress on the Miles By Motorcycle mapping tools, I've been asked a number of times recently to explain the difference between the concepts of "Tracks" and "Routes" as they occur on GPSs, the maps here on the site, and in GPX files.  My hope is that this answers some of those questions. First, a little background: Latitude and Longitude The foundation concept for all navigation is the geographic coordinate system. For simplicity's sake, the Earth can ...Read More

    If you run into any problems or have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you're ever near Washington DC, please reach out. 
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    5 days ago
    I forgot to mention. If you want others to be able to download a GPX file of the route you've created, edit the map, click on "Settings" in the upper left of the map and on Options check the "Allow GPX Download" box. Then when you save it the GPX button will appear on the map so others can download a GPX file.
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    13 hours ago
    Hello, I'm new here and glad to see your input and looking forward to know something more about the forum.
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    11 hours ago
    Welcome all. 
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    8 hours ago
    Thank you so much.
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    1 hour ago
    thomaspanton, where do you ride?
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