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    4 years ago
    I’m new to the forum & mapping app & seem to need some help... I discovered it via the “Ride the NC Smokies” page at https://visits If I understand things correctly, I should be able to take a map number from one of the rides on their page (i.e. the Waterfall Ride Loop is Map # 48671), enter it in the search bar on the Map Explorer, and open the map. 

    Well, it’s not working! I open the Map Explorer and it show my location, but when I enter 48671 in the search bar I either get a revolving spinner that never seems to go away, or, simply nothing happens. Ideas?
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    4 years ago
    I need to improve how that works. 

    Click on the waterfalls ride.
    Map #48621

    The Waterfall Ride

    Enjoy a dozen nice roadside waterfalls on this day ride.

    Click on something on the map that you want to add to your own map. 

    For example, click on the Waterfall icon you see at the bottom.

    A popup should appear. Click on the +Plan button.

    Click New Ride Plan.

    Give it a Title.

    Click Save Plan.

    Click Close on the popup.

    Click on something else on the waterfall ride that you want to save to your own map. 

    Click +Plan. 

    Click Add to Plan next to the plan you just created.

    Click close to close the popup.

    You can go around the site and on any photo, point of interest, route, or track that's on any map or die plan you'll be able to slap it onto your own ride plan.

    You can then see your own plan by going to your own profile by clicking on your user name in the upper right and then selecting the Ride Plans tab.

    You can click on the three dots just above the map in the upper right to edit it. 

    There you can click on the map to add other items yourself. For example you could start a new route, add a photo, or a point of interest.

    Here's a ridiculously long article I wrote that describes the mapping system that I've built. It's more information than you ever wanted to know:

    6 years ago
    Blog Article (46468)

    On Mapping: Mapping on

    Background Miles By Motorcycle originally grew out of my desire to have a better place for my friends and I to discuss, plan, and document our motorcycle travels.  There's quite a bit of of knowledge involved in travelling long distance by motorcycle. There are bikes to consider for differents kinds of trips. There are awesome roads hidden between seemingly endless superslab and conjested towns. There are hidden gem places only locals know.  There are shops, restaurants, cool old ...Read More

    When you have a ride plan you like you can edit it and click the gpx download button on the map to get a GPX file you could import into your GPS.

    If you have any questions or run into problems or have any thoughts of other things you'd like to see, please don't hesitate to ask. I really appreciate the questions and am happy to help in any way I can.
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    4 years ago
    The thought of the map explorer is mostly to zoom into an area to search for things just in that area, but I have to improve the way the search works. 
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    Hi JimW, Wayne from America rides Maps here. I've been using the system almost daily for more than 2 years now. I've managed some ways and learned a lot to work with this platform in its nascent form. I've helped Yermo identify areas that need attention but more pressing issues to get things launched have been prioritized. Recent progress has me hoping we will soon turn to polishing up the works. I may be another resource to provide assistance, and if we're both stumped Yermo is quick to provide answers and make fixes and improvements. 
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    4 years ago
    Wayne & Yermo, I appreciate the feedback and look forward to spending some time getting familiar with things. It’s a great concept!
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