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    8 years ago
    buffalo I got my DR without ever needing to leave my desk. It was super simple, getting coffee is more complicated.
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    8 years ago
    Check out the weather for the Pine Barrens this weekend, this is from Accuweather for the Pine Barrens area:
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    8 years ago

    buffalo and all.... yeah, it's going to be as awesome as you're thinking it might be.
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    8 years ago
    So buffalo, check this out courtesy of isurfne:

    It's a little bit of a haul but I could stop by on there on my way up or back from NH next week to look at it for you.
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    8 years ago
    isurfne good eyes! It looks like buffalo has a good one to check out
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    8 years ago
    Nice catch, though I should point out that Glens Falls might be a wee bit "out of the way" on your way north to Concord
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    8 years ago
    But, for you buffalo, I would gladly go by there. ;) 
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    8 years ago
    OK, I'll play.

    So, *just as a thought experiment*, let's walk this one through. What would it take to get, and properly prep and outfit a bike and a rider (with no current dual sport gear) for something like the 500--*in the next 20 days(!)*?

    1) Find the right bike and ride/trailer it home (Glens Falls = ~440 miles one way)

    2) Get it inspected

    3) New tires (unless they are new enough/OK)

    4) ?
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    8 years ago
    buffalo See the other thread I tagged you about the gear setup I got which would also serve as a hot weather on-road alternative. I'm not terribly happy with the fit/finish of the jacket, namely the pockets and velcro, but it is inexpensive, serves the purpose and is extremely well vented. 
    As for the #dr650se, I bought almost everything from the DR650SE ProCycle page:

    Things I bought that I thought were necessary were:

    IMS 4.9 Gallon Tank - range for the DR is insufficient
    Matching locking Gas Cap
    Headlight Guard
    Aluminum Skid Plate - my bike actually had this already. This is a must.
    Giant Loop Fandango Water Proof Tank bag - this thing rocks.

    Wolfman Side Racks - for mounting their soft waterproof luggage. 
    Wolfman Waterproof Saddlebags
    Pat Walsh Designs Rack - rear luggage rack. Rocks
    Stash Box Lock LIcense Plate Box - for registration, insurance,etc
    Tool Tube
    Tool roll from Bob's that just fits
    Tube Tire Patch kit
    Combo wrench/Tire Irons - wiretied to rack, sized for front and rear axle nuts.
    Spare levers - also wiretied to the rack

    Nice additions I thought:

    Sargent World Sport Seat, Lowered, which I got primarily in the hopes that it would make the bike more guest-rider friendly notably for AGrip
    SW-Motech Center Stand - nice to have but not a necessity.
    Wolfman Waterproof top bag - if going on week+ trip
    Wolfman RotoPax Kit for mounting extra water/fuel
    Vision Solstice 10W LED light and mounting brackets X 2 - wicked light.
    LED Tail Light Replacement to save some wattage
    Handle bar themometer

    From Aerostich I picked up a battery monitor because I'm paranoid:

    Link #8137
    8 years ago

    LED Battery Gauge :: Aerostich/RiderWearHouse Motorcycle Jackets, Suits, Clothing, & Gear

    A precise, continuous way to monitor your bike s alternator output and battery condition. An essential instrument if your bike has bigger or extra lights, or other powered accessories. Its solid state, waterproof, ultra compact design is extremely durable

    And lastly I picked up a BMW style power adaptor to put on the handlebar :

    If you seriously are considering joining us on one of these upcoming adventures, I'll make you an offer. Drop the bike off here and I'll prep it for you and make sure it's ready. Since you'd be travelling with us in a group, you won't need the full set of kit for it since we'll have a number of duplicates. You could get away with not getting the bigger tank and instead just getting the extra gallon of fuel for the rotax. I carry enough drinking water on my bike (1 gallon) to last us between water refill stops. 

    As a minimum, I'd get the tank bag, side luggage, rotax fuel container (if not getting the larger tank), skid plate and rear rack.
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    8 years ago
    buffalo You really don't need much of anything for something like the AMA rides. I have none or little of the gear, equipment, or bike mods that Yermo has and am totally good. Basically, you'll want a jacket and pants (or overpants) that are waterproof/resistant, and tear resistant. You'd probably also want more ADVish boots. You can spend a lot or a little here, the devil is in the details but you can get really pretty good gear for not a crazy amount of $$. As for the bike, you don't really "NEED" anything more than what it comes with...but obviously you can go as nuts as you want to with it.

    For the Shenny 500 I plan to strap a bag and tent onto the back, maybe a bag, and use a backpack. That's pretty much it.
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    8 years ago
    buffalo I take it back, there is one thing. The stock seat on the DR is the closest thing civilians will get to waterboarding. There area number of options out there though, so easy to take care of.
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    8 years ago
    I noticed the Shenandoah 500 was sold out as of Friday. In related news, I see another argument for renewing my AMA membership:

    Trail users to benefit from federal funding of Recreational Trails Program


             Off-highway motorcycle riders
    and other trail users stand to benefit from up to $82.4 million in
    federal funding to be apportioned to 49 states in 2014 through the
    Recreational Trails Program, the American Motorcyclist Association
    reports. Only Florida opted out of the program for fiscal 2014.
             September 6, 2013

             Pickerington, OH - American Motorcyclist Association

    "As a federal grant program that provides funds to develop and maintain
    recreational trails, RTP is vitally needed to continue expanding and
    maintaining off-highway opportunities for riders," said AMA Vice
    President of Government Relations Wayne Allard. "In fact, RTP funds come
     from excise taxes generated by fuel purchased for off-highway vehicle
    recreation -- off-highway motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles
     and off-highway light trucks -- so this is money that rightfully
    belongs to trail users."

    RTP was created by Congress in 1991 with bipartisan support. The Federal Highway Administration administers the program.

    Since its inception, the RTP has leveraged more than $787 million of
    federal grants into more than $1.3 billion in monies to fund
    recreational trails. Without this vital program, many trails would not
    have been built and without its continuation, many will face reduced
    maintenance and possible closure.

    Authorized funds are allocated annually by the federal government to
    those states that choose not to opt-out for that fiscal year. Every year
     the governor of each state has the option to opt-out of the RTP and
    deploy the funds to other non-recreational projects.

    Each state then manages its funds in consultation with an RTP board that
     represents both motorized and non-motorized recreationists. RTP funds
    support motorized, non-motorized and mixed-use trails projects. The only
     stipulation is that 30 percent of obligated funds must go to motorized
    trails, 30 percent to non-motorized trails and 40 percent to mixed-use

    Over the last year, the AMA and the OHV community have successfully
    fought against the elimination of the RTP by Congress, stressing the
    economic and social benefits of responsible recreation. The current
    federal highway authorization -- known as MAP-21 -- provides $85 million
     dollars annually for distribution to the states. However, OHV users
    contribute significantly more to the federal highway trust fund.

    "With next year's RTP authorization now set, it's time for off-highway
    vehicle recreationists across the nation to contact their grant
    administering agencies and work to secure grants to fund trails
    projects." said Sean Hutson, AMA legislative assistant. "After all, it's
     the fuel taxes paid by the OHV community in particular that fund the
    entirety of this important program."

    This marks the second consecutive year that Florida has opted-out of the
     annual RTP allocation, giving up $5.2 million in funding already paid
    for by that state's off-highway vehicle recreation community. As a
    result, Florida has fewer funds to create and maintain safe recreational
     trails for responsible users.
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    8 years ago
    OK, so this is a typical "ridiculously generous Yermo offer (tm)" that doesn't surprise me, considering the source

    The gears are definitely turning here, despite the closed window on the Shenandoah 500 opportunity. To wit:

    This one expires Tuesday:

    and then there's:

    and finally (though the rebuilt head at under 14k gives me pause):

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    8 years ago
    Looking at your sig...  How's that Elsinore holding up?  :)  Or the "trailmaster"? 

    If you DO get a DR, I'm sure you'd find it an excellent counterpart to the K1300S.

    As for the pine barrens, the talk of sand reminds me of the many miles I marched in full gear on soft sandy trails while in basic training at Fort Dix.  Hot as hell, too, but as a perk we got to blow stuff up.

    So did you guys go up there this weekend?
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    8 years ago
    So, the elsinore is really too much of an antique to take out on serious trails, without spares, etc., and the same could be set of the trailmaster :-) 

    A DR on the other hand, would be quite appropos.  The guys all went out riding in WV this weekend. I think the Pine Barrens trip has been rescheduled.
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    8 years ago
    buffalo That last one, despite the rebuilt top end, sounds intriguing. 
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    8 years ago
    This is the link to the first bike (which broke above--not sure why as it still works this way):

    The only catch is, the auction ends tonight at 6 PM and it's at Atlantic Cycle In White Plains, down route 5 below Waldorf, and maybe even LaPlata.
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    8 years ago
    So, unfortunately I missed that bike--which ultimately went for $1990. But I'm continuing to watch the local market for other DRs...
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