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    Yun Lung Yang
    8 years ago
    I read on the owners manual I'm suppose to greaSe the rear axle thread upon installation... Does that sound right?
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    8 years ago
    What?  Are you telling me you now have a Monster?! 

    I don't recall ever greasing the rear axle thread on my bike, but I try to follow instructions when I have them.  Maybe an anti-seize lubricant?  I have a factory shop manual that I can check; instructions like that tend to be consistent from a given manufacturer.

    The only rear wheel removal that has happened with my bike was when getting new tires, which I paid other people to do.  I doubt that they lubed the axle threads.

    Tell us about your bike!
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    Yun Lung Yang
    8 years ago
    800 sie 2004, the last of the metal tanks before they went plastic and had all the issue with the ethanol.

    3050 miles, red, I'll have to post pics after I slap the tires on today. The direction is for chain adjustment, that you loosen and then grease the thread and retighten. Maybe... As I was thinking, maybe what they mean is regrease the expose thread so it doesnt corrode. but it did say regrease the thread before torqueing it down.

    This is from the owners manual.

    Also anything to watch out for, for timing belt adjustment?

    Gotta replace the belt, dont know if you ever did your own belts.
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    8 years ago
    Good choice.  The 800 is reported to be one of the best and most reliable Monster engines and it's a nice-looking bike, too.

    My owner's manual also says to grease the threads on the axle and on the chain adjustment screws.  Now I do remember doing that a while back.  Just make sure to use a torque wrench and tighten to what the manual says.  Be careful with the chain adjustment screws; it's easy to over-tighten them or break them.  On the other hand, make sure to check them during your first ride after the adjustment.  Because the spec on the adjustment screws is low, there's a chance they could vibrate loose.  This has happened to me twice after having tires installed at shops.

    Do you know how old the belts are?  They should be replaced if they're more than three years old.  If a belt fails, the valves will hit the pistons and that's not good. It's pretty easy to do and I've done it a few times.  The only slightly tricky part is getting the tension right.  I even adjust the valves myself, but once they're broken in they don't need much adjusting.

    I order belts, valve cover gaskets, and other maintenance items from California Cycleworks.
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    Yun Lung Yang
    8 years ago
    So some update. I spend the entire day in the garage yesterday. Duncan came by around 3 pm. I had the tires done, and was just about to tackle the timing belt. Duncan helped me adjust the rear chain again, and then we went on to do the timing belt.

    Not bad at all, the top pully is retardedly difficult, for no good reason. Either way, it was a success first time around.

    Bled the front brakes and duncan had to go. Front brake fluid came out like water. 10 year of sediment. But now, the front brake is MONEY.

    Audrey came and gave me a hand at 7:30 I think, when I was doing the rear. It started to bled at first, but then the master cylinder failed. Its only a 50 dollar part to replace, and apparently, fails often. Went to eat and got too tire to clean the tools up, this was like 9 pm already.

    Got up at 6 this morning, made it to the garage at 7, cleaned everything up, and bled the clutch. I had trouble with the neutral gear for a bit on the ride back from the seller's. Now its bled... the clutch is MONEY!!!!

    btw I'm using all super blue ate dot 4.

    Today, I'll take it for a ride without the rear brakes, no biggy. And then warm it up and change the oil, and recheck all the torque values etc.

    btw, I did grease the threads with moly lube. No biggy. front and rear. I did have to go out and buy a 28mm... only to find when I was all done, that yermo had one... fail.

    I should be thrashing it tmr.
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    8 years ago
    Sounds good!  I imagine you got a pretty good deal on it, too.  Enjoy! 
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