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    2 years ago
    I hope this post is appropriate for this forum...........

    I have been watching a video series on Youtube called Itchy Boots, who is a women from the Netherlands who is adventure riding from Patagonia to Alaska.

    She is riding alone, but her video is amazing. It is definitely worth a look.

    Here is the link -> 
    Video #85564
    2 years ago


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    2 years ago
    I've heard of her but hadn't watched any of her videos. Thanks!
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    2 years ago
    I finally had a chance to watch this. Awesome. Thank you again for posting it.
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    Great video. Quite a saga crossing borders.
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    2 years ago
    Enjoyed this. Good quality stuff. 
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    I've come to watch several more episodes and enjoyed them all. I'm not sure what keeps me watching - the scenery, while spectacular, is almost monotonous. The camera work is simple. The dialogue is just a narrative of what is happening now. Still, it keeps me engaged. I'll watch more. 
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