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Colorado Mountain Adventure Ride 2018

'Monday July 9th, 2018 6:00'
This ride is over.

US 50

US 50 - Monarch Pass
US 50 - Monarch Pass


US 50 from Poncha Springs to Grand Junction - Poncha Springs lies in a broad flat valley. Heading west the road soon climbs high into the wooded mountains through winding curves to reach Monarch Pass then makes a gradual descent to the beautiful canyons near Gunnison.


US 50 - Monarch Pass
US 50 - Monarch Pass


West of Gunnison the road crosses through the dry hills to reach Montrose. It's not a particularly scenic section.


US 50 - Lake San Cristobal
US 50 - Lake San Cristobal


From Montrose, US 50 angles north to Grand Junction. We found little of interest on this stretch of the road.



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