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Colorado Mountain Adventure Ride 2018

'Monday July 9th, 2018 6:00'
This ride is over.
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This ride is over.
In Fairplay. Now it’s just the commute back to Denver. Trying to go slow and make it last.
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No rush this morning to leave Aspen. It’s the final leg of our trip, the return to Denver. The highlight will be Independance Pass though it’s cloudy today. 

We we had a nice dinner last night up by the main ski lift. 
arrived Aspen. 
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Atop Grand Mesa and it’s wonderful. 60’s, lush, lakes everywhere. 
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Destination Aspen today. Not far soginna do a side trip or two. Hoping it’s cooler if we go up on the high Mesa. 
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we’ve arrived Grand Junction. 102 deg. But it’s a dry heat after all. The long run through the canyons along the Delores River goes on and on. Some of the most spectacular scenery I’ve seen in quite a while. Need to cool down and rehydrate then get to a few photos. A great day on the motorcycles!
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it’s getting hotter, in the 90s. Lunch stop in Naturita. 
10:30 and we’re as far south as well go. Now we jog west, then the long ride back north. Pleasant easy riding so far coming down out of the mountains. Now we skirt along the edge. 
Fuel stop in Telluride to get both bikes at the same level. So far nice college morning, 50’s. Roads are busy. That may get better once we hit the high passes ahead. 
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the replacement bike arrived on schedule. We part ways with Jackie’s brother this morning. He heads east back to Denver while Jackie and I will make a 300+ mile loop south, west, then north to Grand Junction. Looking forward to the change in scenery as we hit some high desert canyons. 
a man walked up and asked if he could help. I’ll take my Slingshot off the trailer and we can load the bike on it. You drive the Slingshot and I’ll get you to Ouray. Randall from Nebraska saved the day. We got in touch with the rental company and they are sending a replacement bike 6 hours from Denver. 
We headed out early this morning to do a long loop ride through Telluride. My GSA was a bit slow to start this morning. It hesitated a bit going through the Million Dollar Highway. We fueled up in Silverton. Climbing up from town it hestitated, then struggled, then died just as I reached 11,000 ft Molas Pass. I pushed it up the last of the hill and got it into the overlook. 
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Ash and I did our enhanced version of the classic “Alpine Loop” between Silverton and Lake City, CO today. At the first fork in the road we goofed and took the extreme roads through Corkscrew Gulch then got lost on more side trails. We had to backtrack but got on the right route. We completed the top of the loop in perfect time for early lunch Lake City, then came down off the bottom leg as rain moved in to Silverton. The BMW 1200 GSA tractored through it all with ease. everytime I take this bike off road it delivers. 
Back to Ouray safe and mostly sound. The rain was coming down by the time we reached Silverton, rode half way back in it then it cleared and got sunny by Ouray. Heck of a ride. 
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Made it across the top pass to Lake City. Got wicked lost for more than an hour. Corkscrew Gulch was quite a wake up. Now grabbing early lunch. 
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