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Virginia Mapping Trip - 4/8/19

'Monday April 8th, 2019 9:00'
This ride is over.

The drone up the interstates was uneventful. Warm and dry. 

I exited I-81 when I hit the traffic coming in to Roanoke. Heading west on US 311 I quickly found my way to new backroads. The first was decent, but of the half dozen I looked at only two will make the maps and then just as good connector roads. 

My plans to continue working my way north on virgin turf changed when I crested a hill and viewed the apocalypse rainstorm rushing my way. I dogged it back to US 220 and lost the race to stay ahead of it. 

Arrival first night
Arrival first night

It was a deluge for an hour or so but then eased and abated just as I reached the Fort Lewis Lodge. It was good to see Yermo’s bike parked beneath the pines, now we’re a team. 

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