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Irish Spring

'Tuesday May 7th, 2019 0:00'
This is an open ride.
This ride is underway.

We'll spend the next 10 days traveling to Europe and back for a motorcycle ride through England, Ireland, and Wales.


Jackie and I are doing a self guided ride set up by Magellan Tours. We'll start and end in London where our rental bikes are located. I'm riding a 2019 BMW 1200 GS and Jackie will be riding a 2019 BMW 1200 RT.



Bags are packed, the clock is ticking towards our departure and overnight flight to London. This will be our first time riding unchaperoned in Europe, without a guide or group to tag along. While we don't anticipate the typical language barriers we will have to adapt to riding on the "wrong" side of the road.



I'm both looking forward to and wary of the challenges we will face. With luck we'll get a bit of nice weather and some good photos. I will post updates when I can.

- Wayne Busch, AmericaRidesMaps.com   

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