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Rona Ride 2020

'Saturday June 20th, 2020 9:00'
This ride is over.

Breakfast at the Mountain Lake Lodge was fairly benign. We've pretty much come to accept you can't eat with a face covering and there were no real crowds to deal with. We eat early and it seems most of the likeminded are mask compliant. Seating was adequately distanced, the food was good, it was not anything that triggered concerns.

We rode into West Virginia today. Of course the time on the bikes is about as safe as it gets. There was a needed stop at a Staples store to pick up something I'd forgotten to bring but the place was mostly empty and the staff wore protection. Again no real concerns.

The only time we found ourselves around a number of people was at the stops on the ride. The foot traffic at the New River Gorge State Park was active but we and some others took precautions. When those large bare-faced family groups passes on the outdoor trails I fouond myself holding my breath for a moment until we reach the clear air beyond their slipstream but overall it was not overly crowded and it was outdoors.

On visiting the Glade Springs Grist Mill in Babcock State Park, Jacke was not comfortable going into the working mill as there were people in the small space, I took the dare for the video minimizing my breathing in tight places. It was open to the outside air throughout so I doubt there was really any significant risk.

Returning to the Lodge this evening we found the ability to isolate ourselves in remote corners and such when we need to go massless for purposes of consumption. So far, I think our risks have been minimal overall and we're better for having taken precautions just in case.

Tomorrow is another day and a new environment as we move on. We'll see how it goes then.

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