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Rona Ride 2020

'Saturday June 20th, 2020 9:00'
This ride is over.

Our morning at Mountain Lake Lodge was as before. Breakfast in the sparsely populated dining room then out on the road. Mask use was common today, a Monday.

Once we were on the bikes it was bliss. The roads were great, the stops scenic and spectacular. The only public encounter we had was a stop at the Paint Bank General store when we strayed towards West Virginia for a short while. It was nearly empty, we got in and out to take our photos with little worries.

Arriving at the Ft Lewis Lodge a little early we headed up to our room to find it hadn't yet been turned over. The bed still amiss had me a bit hesitant. With the windows wide open there was no risk of stale air from the previous guests and the team quickly sanitized the room that had somehow been skipped on the list that morning.

We're staying in one of the 3 silo rooms so it's isolated from the rest of the the lodge rooms and we encountered no-one at all today in the area. Windows open, we soon became comfortable with the narrow winding staircase that led to our third floor room. No close encounters of any kind.

As is custom we headed to Buck's Bar at 6:45 to kill the time before the dinner bell was rung. There were others in the area but all were outside and we had the open air bar to ourselves. When the bell rang indicating dinner was ready it was not the typical buffet setting, rather a menu was presented and the staff brought our food to our table.

The Ft Lewis Lodge is mostly open air and oopen windows all around with much of the facilities outdoors. I overheard there has not been one case of Covid in this county to date and while there are a good number of people here it's seems a very safe environment to be in for these couple days we're staying.

Tomorrows plans have changed as an old friend in Charlottesville and his wife are riding out to meet us in the morning. He's been under medical care lately and is avoiding any and all risk so we will rendezvous in a small town nearby to avoid contact with unknowns. 

Overall it was a pretty good day and I think we are still just fine.   

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