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Rona Ride 2020

'Saturday June 20th, 2020 9:00'
This ride is over.

Our final breakfast at the Ft Lewis Lodge was as before. Our same corner table safely tucked away and delicious food brought to the table.

Afterward we set out on the bikes with little ares or concerns crossing from west to east on a road about course to reach the start of the Skyline Drive. The hours spent cruising it were in relative isolation save the few encounters at overlooks none of them close.

Arriving in Harpers Ferry, WV around 5 we were greeted by signboards in the road carrying the governors message to "be safe, stay home".  Pulling up in front of our historic hotel we noted many of the businesses were closed, including the restaurant and pub at our destination. People were out in the streets, some masked, some not, and our soon to be neighbor was sitting outside with his laptop barefaced. 

Our host greeted us the same and showed us to our room which had been moved from the expected location to the old Hotel building. The room had probably been there since the 1800's with a few modern accommodations and we just hoped it had been sufficiently cleaned. We noted no issues once we took residence.

Dinner this evening was at a restaurant across the street, The Rabbit Hole on an outdoor deck overlooking the train station. We were pleased to find a strict protocol for admission, widely s[aced tables, masked and gloved servers, and numerous small signs reminding us of the rona rules - stay in your seat, ask for passes to use the restroom, exit only out the back entrance. All pathways for traffic were taped to the floor. It was some of the most extensive precautions I've seen in a public setting.

The food was excellent, the beer fresh from the tap, the dessert delicious, very satisfied and comforted to our safety. Better than expected. 

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