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Rona Ride 2020

'Saturday June 20th, 2020 9:00'
This ride is over.

We left the Stonewall Jackson Hotel in Staunton unscathed this morning as there was no chance to dine on site. Zero risk. So far so good.

The bikes loaded we hit the road for the first leg of our return trip home on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Stopping to fuel up before we hit the isolation of the park road I located a coffee shop nearby in Waynesboro. It was nearly empty when we arrived and ordered our coffee and light breakfast to eat inside. Turns out it was the place to be Sunday morning and before long the place began to fill. As more people began to file in and a crowd started to gather at the door we chose to finish our coffees outside away from the masses.

As is usual, riding is risk free. We rolled along the scenic park road stopping here and there to admire the views - what there was of them. The biggest respiratory threat we faced was the Sahara dust storm which painted the landscape gray as if there was a light mist. That light mist was replaced by a light rain, nothing of real significance as we wound our way south.

Descending to Roanoke we found the park road closed and were forced to detour through the periphery of the city. It went surprisingly well as I knew if I could just get to US 221 we would ultimately find where the road closure ended as the road criss-crosses the parkway several times on into North Carolina.  Note to Blue Ridge Parkway - your road closure app is unusable on a cell phone. Fortunately I'd brought along my America Rides Maps and we found a delightful way to traverse the blockage. 

Back on the park road we wound our way southward to our exit near Meadows of Dan, VA. Mabry Mill Road is a nice little paved trail that shortcuts going through the busy area. A few miles south on US 58 we turned off on Busted Rock Road to reach our lodging for the night.

Arriving at the gate to Primland Resort we were stopped and required to fill out a health questionnaire form, have our temperatures scanned, and our reservations verified before we were allowed to proceed beyond the gate. Another 6 miles of rolling backroad brought us to the lodge.

Masks are mandatory here and everyone is in compliance. It's a golf centered resort so outside you're free to breathe unfiltered but any inside space requires a face covering and everyone adheres to the rules. The restaurant was already booked and there were no seats available due to the reduced seating capacity.  We found our way to the pub, mostly empty, for an appetizer but chose to do room service for our meal. No real issues today, perceived threats easily managed.   

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