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Rona Ride 2020

'Saturday June 20th, 2020 9:00'
This ride is over.

The greatest risk at breakfast at Primland was the number of servers tending to our needs and whims. We were there when the restaurant opened for breakfast at 7, the only ones in the whole place up that early. Just one big empty room.

Out on the road it was as usual. A stop for gas, a stop at the Northwest Trading Post on the Blue Ridge Parkway. People were masked, exposures brief. Nothing but blissful riding.

Arriving home all was in order. Our house sitter likes to leave before we return, we never meet. The yard was tended, the landscaper had been at work while we were gone, the dogs all groomed and relaxed. So nice.

Now the question is how much do we quarantine ourselves? Not that it's a big imposition, prior to leaving we had pretty much isolated. Ordered food for the week has been delivered for both us and the pups, no real need to leave the house for a while. I'll give it at least 5 days. If there are no sniffles by then I think we passed through the pandemic unscathed. 

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