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Ft Lewis Weekend

This ride took place on 'Thursday August 17th, 2023'

A group of friends meeting in Virginia

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Seeking Backroads - NC to VA and Back

This ride took place on 'Friday October 22nd, 2021'

An impromptu trip, not expecting to find rooms during peak leaf season, Jackie and I will set out for a weekend of looking for ways to ride the smallest back roads from North Carolina to Virginia and back without riding the Interstates in roughly the same amount of time.

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2 years ago

K1200S/K1300S riders and friends

This ride took place on 'Saturday May 15th, 2021'

A group ride for Washington DC metropolitan area riders of BMW K1200S and K1300S and friends.

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2 years ago

NC TN Unpaved Exploration

This ride took place on 'Tuesday September 14th, 2021'

I'm going to head down to Waynesville for 5 days to help map and explore the plethora of fire service and other legal unpaved roads in the area. Unfortunately, because of time constraints, I'm going to have to travel the entire distance in a single day both on the trip down and the trip back. It's a tall exhausting order on a DR650. 637 miles on twisty back roads in a single day ...

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Riding "Curvature" roads around Prettyboy

This ride took place on 'Saturday November 21st, 2020'

Stitching together a few segments found on road Curvature project maps, with a loop around Prettyboy Reservoir.

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Exploring bridges above the falls

This ride took place on 'Saturday November 7th, 2020'

Thinking of using what could be one of the last good riding weekends of 2020 to explore how many times I can cross the Potomac above great falls without getting totally lost. This would be my first foray into creating a ride plan on Miles by Motorcycle, so hoping to get some suggestions and feedback from other riders.

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3 years ago

Showing Craig local roads

This ride took place on 'Saturday October 17th, 2020'

Years ago, I bought parts K100RS from Craig. He recently reached out on messenger saying he had picked up a K1300S and was interested in being shown some good local roads. I thought maybe we could show Craig and Tim some of our go to local roads maybe doing a loop up through parts of the Power of Left and then to points North looping up towards Catoctin. My only constraint is that I am having some electrical work done on Saturday so will have to wait for that to be completed. I'll post updates here as it gets close to completed. So consider the two o'clock departure time a rough guess. I figure we can all meet at Duncan's house. Seeing three K1300's following an R1100S should be a noteworthy sight.

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