Looking for a more permanent mount for my phone on my new motorcycle I came across the RAM Finger Grip mount. It's a simple clamp to install on the bars and holds the phone securely on all 4 sides. The RAM ball mounts make it easy to reposition it just right.

RAM Finger Mount
RAM Finger Mount

The trickiest part is custom fitting the phone to the mount, made a little more difficult as there were no instructions in the kit. It was easy to find a diagram online. 


Phone in Ram Finger Mount
Phone in Ram Finger Mount

The kit comes with two sizes of top / bottom mounts, and 3 sizes of side clips so you can custom fit it to your device. It's a matter of trial and error to find the correct location so the clips do not fall on buttons on the side of the phone. For my iPhone 8S in an Otter case it took the larger top / bottom clamps and the middle sized side clips.


Ram Mount on bike
Ram Mount on bike

The mount seems very secure, the spring clips are quite robust and have vinyl covers to protect the device. It's solid when clamped in. There are no screw clamps to deal with so it's easy to pop the phone in and out of the mount to take photos.


Phone on bike
Phone on bike


As this mount moved the phone closer in I was able to use existing wire harness clamps to run the accessory USB port so not zip ties were needed - nice and clean. A 6 inch phone cord makes the link to power. 


Link (64822)

Amazon.com: RAM MOUNTS (RAM-B-174-UN4U Combination Brake/Clutch Reservoir U-Bolt Mount with Universal Finger-Grip Holder: Automotive

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Wayne Busch searches out the most entertaining roads in the Blue Ridge Mountains then records them on a series of maps which span the Blue Ridge Mountains.

There are more great motorcycle roads in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains than anywhere else. I highlight the best roads then show you the best ways to connect them together into rides. More than a decade of searching has discovered more than 1000 good roads to enjoy. We continue to search so you may enjoy. 

Review the maps, order online here - AmericaRidesMaps.com


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    "There are more Great Motorcycle Rides in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains than Anywhere Else!

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