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Lobster Tacos Lunch Ride

Lobster Tacos Lunch Ride

A lunch ride from Waynesville, NC to The Chalet Restaurant at the Switzerland Inn in Little Switzerland, NC. The Bulk of the ride is on the Blue ridge Parkway passing through Asheville, NC. Hoping they've got some fresh lobster at the Inn, the Tacos are great!

3 months ago
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Mapping WV July 8-12

Mapping WV July 8-12

I'm spending the week mapping south of Snowshoe, WV to Tazwell, VA centered on Beckley. Cell service will be rare so I'll mostly post from the bar in the evenings. I'm exploring and rating the roads for two new maps of the area.

4 months ago
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Mapping Trip 5-30-19

Mapping Trip 5-30-19

Riding roads for map updates in VA and WV.

11 months ago
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Mapping Georgia - Halloween Edition

Mapping Georgia - Halloween Edition

I need to hit a scattering of roads in NE Georgia spanning both new maps. I'll start at the west end and work east.

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Overnight at Snowbird Lodge

Overnight at Snowbird Lodge

A post hurricane ride - I hope. Anniversary at the Lodge.

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Lunch Ride to Little Switzerland, NC

Lunch Ride to Little Switzerland, NC

This ride takes us from home in Waynesville, NC through Asheville to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The second best section of the park road is north of Asheville as it climbs to pass the highest mountain in the east then rolls along the ridge tops on a slow descent to Little Switzerland.

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Saturday Spin - March 31

Saturday Spin - March 31

Just a ride, destination will be wherever we end up. More testing of the ride plans to make improvements.

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The Classic Rattler Loop Ride

The Classic Rattler Loop Ride

This is the most common loop ride done with "The Rattler" - NC 209. It starts and ends at Junaluska covering about 100 miles. This is one of the best Blue Ridge Mountain riding experiences with mountain climbs, beautiful valleys, a nice mix of easy and challenging terrain, historic places and sights, lots of stops, and great scenery.

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The Copperhead Loop

The Copperhead Loop

US 276 and NC 215 are two of the finest motorcycle rides you’ll find. The Copperhead Loop ride links them using US 64 through Brevard. You'll enjoy wonderfully twisty roads, waterfalls, and intersect the Blue Ridge Parkway at two points.

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The Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway

The Best of the Blue Ridge Parkway

This 43 mile section is the best of the 491 mile long ride. It's the highest, the most scenic and has more overlooks to enjoy it.

    "There are more Great Motorcycle Rides in the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains than Anywhere Else!

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