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    Due to travel restrictions in VT, MA, NH, I'm seeking info, comments, suggestions to modify the trip plan embedded below.

    Map #84709

    Ride Plan : New England Trip - June 2020

    An 11 day ride in June from NC looping through New England and back.

    6/20 - Saturday - Day 1 : Commute to Hagerstown, MD
    6/21 - Sunday - Day 2 : Hagerstown MD to Hazelton, PA
    6/22 - Monday - Day 3 : Hazleton, PA to Amsterdam, NY
    6/23 - Tuesday - Day 4 : Amsterdam, NY to Burlington / Jericho, VT
    6/24 - Wednesday - Day 5 : Day with friends in Burlington
    6/25 - Thursday - Day 6 : Jericho, VT to North Woodstock, NH
    6/26 - Friday - Day 7 : North Woodstock, NH to Williamstown, MA
    6/27 - Saturday - Day 8 : Williamstown, MA to Tunkhannock, PA
    6/28 - Sunday - Day 9 : Tunkhannock, PA to State College, PA
    6/29 - Monday - Day 10 : State College PA to Harrisburg, VA
    6/30 - Tuesday - Day 11 : Commute to home

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    3 years ago
    If those states are out, maybe check out the Eastern Grand Canyon. The town near there, Wellsboro, has good accommodations. There are also some good roads into and out of the area.
    Another area that's on my list to check out but haven't been to yet is Watkins Glen ...

    5 years ago
    Point of Interest (65166)
    Tunnel Water Fall

    Tunnel Water Fall

    Somewhere in this wider general area is what, from a photo on Facebook, appears to be an underground waterfall. It looks to be spectacular.

    Somewhere in this wider general area is what, from a photo on Facebook, appears to be an underground waterfall. It looks to be spectacular.

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    3 years ago
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    Well, this trip is devolving into a new paradigm. The original nexus was to visit friends and spend time enjoying Burlington. It's a really superb city, we had a lot of fun there last fall, trying to expand on that experience. I was all about riding new places, experiencing new great roads.

    It's also a celebration of a milestone birthday for Jackie, so it's largely up to her on what will make her most happy.

    "I just want to have nice places to stay where we can order room service and do some day rides". Sky's the limit so she's googling resorts and such. I kinda nixed the Greenbriar Hotel in WV. While it's fancy, I've been by there many times and it's not all that scenic (to me). It also seems a bit too golf oriented for my tastes. 

    We'll start calling and reserving stops tomorrow, cancel the previous stops. My mission is to fill in the riding.  Once I have the destinations I'll post the new ride plan for feedback.
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    Thanks for the feedback, it helped. I've reworked the plan, made the reservations, have the bikes scheduled for new tires, and now it's just counting down the days. Here's the new plan:
    Map #86822

    Rona Ride 2020

    Plan B - This is an alternative to our New England Ride Plan for 2020 which was not possible due to travel closures in several states. This trip will take us up and down the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Skyline Drive in stages then into north central Pennsylvania. Side trips into West Virginia are planned along the way. As it's towards the end of June when thunderstorms are common in the afternoons I've kept the daily mileage low.

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