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5 months ago

Monday Day Ride with Bruce and Duncan

This ride took place on 'Monday July 5th, 2021'

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5 months ago

Saturday Day Ride With Bruce and Duncan

This ride took place on 'Saturday July 3rd, 2021'

Assuming I can get both the R1100S Guest Bike and my DR650SE operational before Saturday, we're planning on a hopefully longish day ride. Sadly, a multi-day overnight was not in the cards for this Bruce visit.

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last year

Cool Monday Ride

This ride took place on 'Monday September 21st, 2020'

The plan is to head to points North and West to revisit the area we rode in yesterday, temperature permitting.

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last year

Getting the Band Back Together

This ride took place on 'Sunday September 20th, 2020'

While it's not the 10 day ride we would prefer, Duncan, Bruce, and I are going to ride together for the first time in a very long time. I'm pondering super slab up to Falls Road North of Baltimore, one of our favorites, and then loop over random roads to Catoctin ... dinner at McGinthy's at 8.

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2 years ago

Ford Routes and Western Maryland Ride

This ride took place on 'Monday October 28th, 2019'

After some discussion, we decided to re-trace part of the route Duncan and I did with Jim Ford some years ago and follow that with a run out to Savage River Road and the general area out in the pan handle. If we're able to get out at a decent hour this should be a right proper riding day.

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2 years ago

Potentially Rainy Day Ride With Bruce

This ride took place on 'Saturday October 26th, 2019'

We had hoped this would be a multi-day ride but circumstances have conspired to turn it into a day ride. Thinking of not venturing out too far.

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2 years ago

Late Spring Early Summer New Mexico Colorado Ride

Scheduled to Start on: 'Saturday June 1st, 2019 10:00'
This is an open ride.

Buffalo, Bruce, and I are planning on a 10 day or so ride through New Mexico and surrounding areas sometime this coming Spring or early Summer. Riding the "Alien Loop" has been mentioned. As of this writing it's still up in the air but the general idea is that I would trailer the two K bikes out to meet up with Bruce. Buffalo would fly in. We would ride for 10, maybe 14 days, Buffalo would fly back and then I would trailer the bikes back. I may take an extra week and ride further West. It's still not set in stone. This would be a street ride on street bikes. The listed dates are just placeholders until we get closer and know what everyone's schedule is.

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3 years ago

Rolling Week Long Good Roads Ride

This ride took place on 'Sunday June 10th, 2018'

This year's trip will be shorter than previous ones. We are considering a four day Virginia/West Virginia/Ohio loop ride. In a recent mapping trip with Wayne, I came across some truly nice roads only a few hours away so the thought would be to get to good roads quickly.

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