As a consultant I'm not supposed to give stuff away for free - but c'mon, this one is easy...let's freaking do something to feed the fires of freedom first experienced in college. Parties, learning, beer, romantic attraction, late nights, new people, exciting experiences, new places...other than the beer, motorcycles and scooters are a perfect fit! Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Triumph, Harley, BMW, KYMCO, Royal Enfield, Genuine Scooters, Indian - I'm talking to ya'll. This is an ideal program for the AMA to own, elevate and expand. Seriously - drop the stupid helmet issue totally, keep up the legislative work and this sort of thing that will increase your membership andmotorcycle/scooter sales.

Purple Parking Program - if something similar exists - I hope to hear about it and I'll help promote it if its an inclusive and well thought out program.

  1. Address several issues including waning interest in motorcycles: a) traffic congestion b) lack of parking c) modern mobility and d) budget efficiency with the important side effect of MORE OEM's working together for a change.
  2. Build a coalition of motorcycle brands who co-sponsor free motorcycle parking on college campuses by working with universities and community colleges to identify unused or inefficient locations where motorcycle and e-bike parking is an ideal solution for mobility.
  3. Paint those spaces purple (no brand affiliation) and offer free parking for 2-wheeled powered vehicles in the P3 spaces. The Purple Parking Program is born.
  4. Build a permit program for those spaces to a) ensure it is used by students and b) encourages safety. To register for these spaces, students must take a safety program that is additive to whatever is require for vehicle licensing.
  5. Select a pilot program for campuses that ideally mix parking issues, weather, dealer access and the spirit of partnership with the industry. Then expand the program to other locations including municipals facing the same issues.
  6. Fund college motorcycle clubs to help promote the program - what you say? There is not a local college motorcycle club? FIX THAT PROBLEM TOO!

OK - So there - got it off my chest. Tell me why this does not work - I'd love to hear a reason other than excuses.

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