Howdy friends- long time no chat. 

The truth is the whole GAS thing started to feel heavy. I got little support, and I failed one friend who was going to help as I was overwhelmed with the tasks ahead. I'm embarrassed by that failure e and I hope she forgives me. I know I am not here to "fix" this industry - but I had hoped that the ripples GAS caused would come back in the form of some sort of action. 

I'm guilty of not waiting long enough. I don't know HOW many times i have been aghast as the glacial speed of change within bigger companies. Insane. After GAS got rolling I was called by exactly two motorcycle companies to discuss the project - both are electric motorcycle brands. None were current major OEM's. One Japanese OEM has even barred any reference of GAS, it's initiatives or ideas. Now after months and literally THOUSANDS of downloads of the GAS report - I am seeing evidence that we have had an effect. Despite few admitting to it. 

Here is the truth - it hurts. The truth hurts. But it is through a process of CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM that we will all get better - including me. When you go on a group ride and one bozo is f@cking it up for the rest - you WILL intervene to set them straight. At a track day and instructor with a suggestion is met with appreciation, not walled off and ignore (unless that rider sucks at learning). THAT is what will elevate motorcycling. Getting better together through constructive criticism. 

I'm happy to say that GAS is still getting attention - that the news media has been calling me and that I have tried to embody the passion and excitement for motorcycling that I feel is needed to authentically elevate our industry. Maybe this is causing issues at your work - or some fear that i can't pit my finger on. Whatever. Let's talk and elevate motorcycling together. 

I have seen it happen to "old timers" in the industry. They get burned out then just try not to rock the boat till they retire. This boat needs some bailing - if you can't handle swinging a bucket, do us a favor and find your life raft somewhere else. There is real work to do here. 

See you in Sturgis my friends. Man do I love motorcycles and motorcycle people. That I'll never lose. 

Robert Pandya


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