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Give A Shift Podcast

We will spend some time chatting with enthusiasts and industry about motorcycling with an emphasis on the GAS topics, and actions we can all take to elevate motorcycling. I hope you enjoy them.

3 months ago
Podcast Episode 53753

Joining us on the GAS Podcast is one of the fastest guys on two wheels - both in a straight line or around a dirt track - Mr. Chris Carr! He has been working with American Flat Track and been a big part of the scene for decades. His perspective on motorcycle industry growth though racing is important and we enjoy a great conversation.  Visit his AMA Hall of fame page here:  ... Read More

4 months ago
Podcast Episode 52644

Enjoy a GREAT conversation with Ryan McFarland of Strider Bikes. He may be the one person who invented the one thing that might be the biggest contributor to the future of motorcycle interest and sales. With nearly 2 million units sold in the past few years - Strider is certainly on a roll. Oh by the way - TRAINING WHEELS SUCK!!!

4 months ago
Podcast Episode 50723

4 months ago
Podcast Episode 50462

I got to grab 20 minutes to chat motorcycles with my Sister - Ateka. She has not always had the best experiences riding in the past - but wants to get back into it soon. Come join us - 

5 months ago
Podcast Episode 50312

Ken Condon of visits Hill Country for a ride and to be my first sucker ... sorry ... I mean interview.

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