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2 months ago
Podcast Episode 86035

Kent is one of the first national level industry people I met. I was on an Aprilia cup team (prior to working for Aprilia) and Kent rode our bike at Laguna Seca being bested by John Hopper. But it was a hell of a race. Kent had been recently dealt the brutal blow of his 20 year editorship of Sport Rider ending when the publisher closed the magazine, when he joined us for the Give A Shift Round Table. I've been a fan of his for my entire professional career, and this is our first GAS podcast. I s ... Read More

3 months ago
Podcast Episode 85875

Look, I know an hour and 40 minutes is a long time to listen - but this was truly a great conversation. Abhi from and Jamie from and I were attending the Yamaha MT-03 launch in Austin. We certainly had a few drinks as the interview went on and covered a lot of ground (unlike the bike test that day) . I'm glad I did not have to blow before riding the hotel elevator... We dove into products, the industry and their backgrounds. We spoke of personal stories ... Read More

4 months ago
Podcast Episode 85652

I had a chance to chat with my funniest friend - Alonzo Bodden, one of America's top touring comedians and a lifetime motorcyclist. We talk about brands, events and what he rides. Listen in for a quick and funny hour on motorcycling.

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