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Virginia Mapping Trip Tracks.

Virginia Mapping Trip Tracks.

GPS tracks of our trip from my GPS. It randomly turned itself off at one point and it did not seem to have an accurate mileage count.

Despite including the archived GPX files it seems some sections are missing notably going right at the fork out of Fort Lewis Lodge.

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My GPS only tracked 1650 miles but I swear it must have been over 2000. I think Wayne's hypothesis that the GPS flakes out when storage is full might be correct. I thought I took a photo of the odometer before I left but apparently I did not. Oh well. I'm guessing something like 2040 miles for the trip. We'll see what the tracks have to say when I upload them.

7 days ago byYermo
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Yermo( is home safe.

7 days ago byYermo
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I delayed it as long as I reasonably could:

7 days ago byYermo
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Arrived safely at McGinty s well before the kitchen closed. My shoulder feels a little tweaked but otherwise I seem to be holding up well. The ride back was fast and uneventful. Even around DC the weather is pleasant. And I keep wondering, What s that smell? Must be the smell of adventure. ;)

7 days ago byYermo
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Final gas stop for the long slog home. The bike took 4.27 gallons at 193.4 miles . Waiting 30 or so minutes worked: ( (

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Yea. Sorry. I had no signal for most of the day. I m fine, just back to having a bit of the yips now every time I see gravel.

8 days ago byYermo
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Jackie and I worked our way along the Virginia / West Virginia border from Berkeley Springs, WV to Tazewell, VA. Some highway, some GPS routing, and some spontaneous. We ve arrived and checked in to The Old Jail. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

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