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It's Worth It - A Dirt Bike Engine Rebuild Video Like You've Never Seen

Mechanimations returns with "It's Worth it", a full rebuild of a 1993 KX250 2 stroke dirt bike engine done with stop motion animation."It's Worth It" is the ...

2 years ago
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K100RS Steering Head Bearing Replacement

Chris Harris video on steering head bearing replacement

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Donor Engine Clutch Removal Detail

These are step by step photos I took while removing the clutch and rear main seal off the donor engine. As is so often with these nearly 30 years old engines, the rear main seal leaks pretty badly and needs to be replaced.

2 years ago byYermo
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Disassembly of My Bike

At every step, I took photos and carefully labelled each electrical connection on both ends using a high quality vinyl label maker. While there were quite a number of steps I was surprised how quickly it sent to get the bike apart.

2 years ago byYermo
3 years ago
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K Bike Fuel Injectors

A description of k bike fuel injector reconditioning.
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6 years ago


TKC80 with all of 116 miles on it when it was badly sliced out West on the Trans Am Trail.
6 years ago
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Barnett Wheel Balancing Weights - RevZilla

Purchase the Barnett Wheel Balancing Weights at RevZilla Motorsports. Get the best free shipping & exchange deal anywhere, no restock fees and the lowest prices -- guaranteed.
6 years ago
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How to change a Motorcycle Inner Tube by Yourself When in Remote Areas of Ecuador on Vimeo This video is helpful if you are riding a self-guided tour or renting a motorcycle and you have a flat tire. It will show you what

8 years ago
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What to look for when buying an old BMW K100RS

My bike is a '92 K100RS which I have owned since new. It's built like a tank and has served me well over the two decades I've owned it. In recent years, there have been some age related issues that have come up so I have finally gotten to turn some wrenches on it. Prior to that, I just rode the thing. Interestingly, I've come across more people online recently that have been asking what to look for when buying one of these. I had written out a long email response for the third or fourth ...Read More

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