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For the transmission and final drive. The recommendation I have received from very knowledgeable sources is to /NOT/ use synthetic in these applications. 220cc for the final drive 800cc for the transmission Spectro Hypoid Motorcycle Gear Lubricant 80W90 1 Quart: Automotive(

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6 years ago
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Shoulder bolts as bmw K100 transmission guide pins.
6 years ago
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K75 Correct Transmission Alignment Bolts

After some discussion on another thread, the idea has arisen that a set of three or four 125 mm by 8 mm by 1.25 pitch bolts - the barrels of WHICH WERE TURNED TO EXACT DIAMETER of the tranny/engine locator pins - would make the using of the "long bolt method" of tranny/engine alignment much easier as it would maintain the exactly correct orientation when time comes to slide the tranny forward and re-engage the engine. Unfortunately this idea arose about two days after I finished my spline
6 years ago
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How a motorcycle gearbox works

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