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8 months ago byYermo
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Hoffmaster Road

I keep forgetting that I prefer this technical little mountain road to Harpers Ferry Road. Hilly. Technical. Forested. Sparse to moderate houses. We used to own property along this road.

8 months ago byYermo
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Va US 211 Over Skyline Drive

This is a highly technical climb over the pass with surprising and challenging decreasing radius 25mph corners. It is really easy to go wide. Be careful on this road. It's a "High Motorcycle Accident" area. It does carry a fair amount of traffic, but it is still one of our favorite roads in the wider DMV area.

last year byYermo
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Va Route 601 - Blue Ridge Mountain Road

I'll have to rescout this road. I'm pretty sure I remember this road as a wonderfully curvey tree lined mountain road that's one of the better ones in the area. I could have sworn I had tagged this road but that may have predated the database upgrade.

last year byYermo
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last year byYermo
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