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11 years ago
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Riding Reflections - Lessons learned at Keith Code's California Superbike School

A few months ago, on a racetrack ... It was the last track session of the last day. I was heading down the straight at something like 140mph, which is significantly slower than race speed but faster than my beloved Blue Bike can go, when my coach passed me and tapped his rear cowling to indicate I should follow him. This typically meant I had done something wrong, but not this time. For nearly a decade, my refrain had remained the same. "No way, Ryan! There is nothing you can do, nothing yo ...Read More

12 years ago
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Road Report - Deal's Gap Spring 2011 Trip - 'If we had a plan ...'

It was a simple plan. Bruce would arrive on Friday. We would pack the bikes and then get up early on Saturday to collect Duncan. We would hit the road by 9AM intending to take a leisurely 550 mile ride to Deal's Gap. We would meet Josh somewhere on route 81 and then arrive at the Gap sometime in the middle of the day on Sunday so we could do a few runs. Well, that was the plan. Unfortunately, I've been having intermittent boughts of insomnia. I had been unable to sleep much either Wednesd ...Read More

12 years ago
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Riding Reflections: Storytelling

When I was Out There, it seemed to me that time slowed down. Fleeting moments felt like hours that left lasting impressions. However once I came home, time began to slip into the future quicker than it had. Days turned to hours. Weeks slid by. Before I knew it, six months had past. It's been three months since I've written anything and I started this article two weeks ago on my birthday. It feels like I just put it down moments ago. We've all heard the cliche that time seems to ...Read More

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