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America s Quietest Routes | Geotab

Discover the quietest highway in the US, and find the most scenic, traffic-free highways in America state by state.
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Yermo, I don't know how to make a map without a GPS file so you'll have to go with the old fashioned (and short) description... Had a really fun ride last weekend with three other folks. We left Victoria Friday night on the 7pm ferry and rode through Vancouver and up to Squamish, which is on the way to Whistler. That was the mundane part of the trip and involved night riding, but it was a good curvy road with light traffic, so, still enjoyable. There was some rain Saturday morning before we left and we had cold wet roads from the start. It was clearing up and drying out by the time we got to Whistler where we stopped for breakfast at The Southside Diner, which was a warm hearty meal with plenty of coffee. As you must know, Whistler is up in the mountains, but the road goes up from there and winds its way through some absolutely gorgeous mountain scenery. Being the last weekend in September, traffic was light; I'm sure it's full of RVs and other slow traffic in the summer, so it was a good time to be there. At every turn the scenery was more and more impressive. The road surface was good and we kept up a spirited pace. Splendid riding. While stopped at a glorious overlook we observed a large group of Lamborghinis drive past, then more, and a little later still more. There must have been 25 in total! We were told it's an annual ride (drive) from Calgary to Vancouver. On the east side of the mountains the road drops elevation and the land starts to dry out. We passed through Lillooet and Cache Creek on our way to Kamloops, where we stayed Saturday night. The roads open uphere and the speeds picked up. Heading back toVancouver and the ferry on Sunday was on larger roads, though theystill curve through the mountains. We spent too much time loading upon a fantastic breakfast of crepes at the Amsterdam Restaurant, so wecranked it up a notch on the return trip, with long high-speed runs,so much so that my speedometer cable broke! It was loads of funwithout any law enforcement in sight and the group had a grand ol'time and made the ferry with time to spare. I can highlyrecommend highway 99 from Vancouver north over the mountains and back.

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I was trying to type up a long and detailed report of the ride that Yermo( and I went on this past weekend, but the post was eaten by a Grue. So here's the short version. LPR->SGLLPR In the MSF BRC they teach you that turning is as simple as "Look Press Roll". In Yermo training you learn that it's more like: Shift- make sure you're in the right gear Grip- the tank with your legs Look- through the turn Lean- over the bars, bringing your elbow down toward your knee (which is gripping the tank) Press- sort of happens naturally when you look and lean Roll- on the throttle all the way through the turn It was also a weekend of firsts. First overnight motorcycle trip. First time riding in the rain. First time riding on the interstate. First time riding in stop and go traffic. First time riding at night. First time riding in the front. First time dropping the bike at speed. First time doing road-side engine repair and an oil change. Yea, there's a much longer story to go along with those last two. Essentially, I learned that I'm comfortable on pavement but I need more experience with gravel. All things considered, I'm glad it happened. Sept 2014 Two Day Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia mountain twisties loop(

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2013 Meandering Trip Back : An Abrupt End

An evolving social network for the lucky few who travel by motorcycle and those who care about them.
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Road Report: A Study in Trust: Two-Up n the BlueRidge Parkway and Deals Gap

Road report for the June 2013 trip down the Blue Ridge Parkway and around the Deal's Gap area
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