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Posting links is broken: Here's the ibmwr valve adjustment article: TPS sensor and throttle screws: Throttle Body Sync: Here is a video about adjusting the valves with some more detail: #tech #technical #article

last year byYermo
4 years ago
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Cooling fan stopped running, getting hot now.

Hello, The bike is a 1992, 16v, K100rs So, the cooling fan was working just fine, but the thermostat was pretty inconsistent, so I got to working on it. I repl
4 years ago
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The 'Well, I bought it' - R11S Trans failure - Page 2 - Pelican Parts Technical BBS

Originally Posted by Nitro I am too waiting for one day for a catastrophic splines failure; it's in the back of my mind every time I ride the beemer...
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Kentucky Adventure Ride

Kentucky Adventure Ride

This ride looks like quite the adventure. I'll be sporting fresh knobbies. Hotel arrangements are underway, respond ASAP.

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A number of us have the Garmin Zumo 550 motorcycle GPS. At this point, these units are quite old but are entirely serviceable. There are, however, a serious of typical problems that occur including the buttons breaking loose and falling out, as they have on mine. Recently a repair service was pointed out to me which does what appears to be pretty thorough repairs of these units. Garmin Zumo 450 and 550 Repair Service Garmin Zumo 450 and 550 Repair Service(

4 years ago byYermo
5 years ago
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Zumo 550 Button Fix - Low Cost & Easy DIY - GL1800Riders

When I bought my 2007 GL1800, it came with a cradle and integrator for a Zumo 550, but I didn't have a Zumo 550. A couple of weeks ago, a package
5 years ago
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BMW k75 rebuild 1/?

I 've bought it and check it, overhaul what is needed to use it. 740 cc 75 hp fuel injection in 1985 yet while it's in 2003 all the manufacturers started to ...

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I'm finally getting around to ordering tires for my 1999 BMW R1100S guest bike. The stocks tires sizes are: Front: 120/70ZR17 Rear: 170/60ZR17 To my surprise, Pilot Road 3's for the rear in that size are no longer listed on Revzilla. However a Pilot Road 4 GT is available so I'm going to give those tires a try. Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT Tires - RevZilla( 1999 R1100S Front Tire Size( 1999 R1100S Rear Tire Size(

5 years ago byYermo
5 years ago
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Barnett Clutch Kit DR650 - DR - ThumperTalk

Barnett Clutch Kit DR650 - posted in DR: [color=#222222]I just installed the third clutch on my bike. The OE lasted 18K. I replaced it with an EBC kit which I just replaced at 33K with a Barnett kit. Although my old clutch still worked OK, I noticed the clutch slipping in higher gears when I snatch the throttle. The DR also didn't power wheelie like it did when the clutch was new. After replacing the clutch with the Barnett kit, I noticed significant improvement in response. The b...
5 years ago
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DR650: Burned out clutch | Adventure Rider

So I burned my clutch out today. Any suggestions on aftermarket kits?
6 years ago
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6 years ago
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Suzuki DR650 Wiki - Wikia

Suzuki DR650 Wiki is a community site that anyone can contribute to. Discover, share and add your knowledge!
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Huh. Revzilla is out of the Heidenau K60's and interestingly Heidenau doesn't seem to make a correctly sized rear for the DR650SE, which is 120/90-17. Procycle lists a 130/80-17 as an option but I need to verify that that tire will work. I'm not a fan of mounting incorrectly sized tires. So now I'm looking at the tires buffalo( has on his DR which are the Mefo explorers: Mefo Explorer Dual Sport Tires - RevZilla(

6 years ago byYermo
7 years ago
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K Bike Instrument Cluster

Info on K-Bike instrument clusters, removal, and disassembly.
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"The suspension"... or ... "How to spend real money quickly" I knew I was going to make considerable changes to the suspension, not because the stock equipment was bad but because I was looking for a particular feel. In stock form it could be a bit harsh at the back and front end feel was sometimes a little lacking. I investigated a number of options and initially decided on either the Pensky or Ohlins for the rear, and RaceTech for the front. all three have great reputations and would prove to be high quality. The final decision for the rear shock was an economics choice. I consulted with a number of very knowledgeable folks who had already done a lot of mod work on this specific bike and the consensus was to spend more on the front, that it was more sensitive to front end work than rear and that any high quality shock would be fine. Based on that I went with the Ohlins setup as it was about $700 less than the Pensky. I then rebuilt the front forks completely with RaceTech valves (both compression and rebound), RaceTech springs, fluids, etc. And then didn't like it. the RaceTech components were high quality but it gave a very stiff ride, I lost some travel, and I didn't think the dampening was where I wanted it to be. You'll note that there aren't any pics of doing the RaceTech work, only a sticker is seen in some of the pics. The reason? I went all out and ordered a set of custom AK-20 fork cartridges from Traxxion Dynamics. I entirely gutted the forks and replaced all of the internals with the custom AK-20s and Omni springs. this is what I should have done from the start as they are simply fantastic. Expensive yes, but amazing. The bike now has a very plush ride, and yet also has complete control with massive amounts of feedback and lots of adjustability. Ohlins rear( AK-20 Cartridge kit( Ohlins installed( Clearance check( Remote preload adjuster( Fork removal time( Brakes while in there( AKs installed( New tires( (

8 years ago byrshaug
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